Corn Bread Dressing

Recipe by: Ellen J. Barrier

1 Box of Stove Top Stuffing
 ( optional: seasoned, chicken, turkey)

Cooked corn bread
(1 medium size pan)
(dripping from chicken or turkey)
 1- 2 packs of Lipton Cup of Soup
 1 cup  chopped green onions
 (3) chopped celery stalks
 1/2 cup chopped bell pepper
 Black pepper (optional)
 Salt (optional)

Preparation:  Crumble corn bread in a large bowl, add  stove top stuffing (1 pack or less). The amount of corn bread crumbs should be about 3 times the amount of stove top stuffing. Make sure you  have enough broth to saturate your combined ingredients (to prevent the dressing from  being too dry). Add all of your ingredients on the recipe together, and bake in pan or glass dish, at
350 degrees in a heated oven. When the dressing is a light golden color, it should be removed from the oven. It can be served separate or placed in a turkey.

Note: Add the amount of ingredients as desired. It's best to allow your taste buds to make this judgment.
           Be sure to place the amount of dripping you have on hand to use, in a bowl first.
Then gradually add:              
         small amounts of corn bread and stove top stuffing.  If you don't have enough dripping from the meat, mix in some broth. Add broth from theses options: can broth,      
          broth in the box, or you can prepare your own, using Lipton Cup of Soup.  


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