How To Cook Green Leafy Vegetables

My family and I grow our vegetables and fruits. Some of our younger parents don't know how to prepare green leafy vegetables. And some don't like them. Green leafy vegetables are recommended in our diets, because of the added health benefits they have in them. If the parents don't prepare green leafy vegetables, their children aren't going to get the health benefit they need from them. It is for this purpose, I am posting this information.

Recipe by: Ellen J. Barrier

Collard greens* Mustard greens* Turnip greens

Things Needed:
(fresh greens are found in the Produce section) 
Pot (size: medium or large)
salt pork or fatback
Green peppers
Green onions
(Heinz Gourmet Salad or your preference)

Separate the bundles of greens, and wash them thoroughly. Greens are clean, when there is no residue or sand, in the bottom of the sink. They should be washed, in cool water. Choose a pot, that will hold the amount of greens, you want to cook. Extra greens, can be placed in a freezer bag and frozen.

* Greens cook faster, and are most tender, without the stems. The leaves can be removed from the stems, before washing.  I grow the greens I cook. Therefore, they are harvested, while they are yet very young, and the stems are tender..

  After the greens, have been prepared to cook, place them in a pot. Add the salt pork or fatback. I use a block of salt pork for seasoning. (The salt pork, can be removed from the pot, and discorded, when it is practically done) to prevent it from falling apart. Add a small amount of salt. (Gradually, add the salt and stir periodically, seasoning to taste, as the greens cook.)     

* Add enough water into the pot, to cover the greens. Stir the greens to absorb the salt in them.
Place the top on the pot, and cook on medium low, temperature.

*Greens are done, when there is no crunchiness tasted.
Serve warm, with corn bread. Corn bread mix, can be purchased,  in the grocery store.

Prepare Flavors:
Chop green peppers, and green onions, in seperate bowls. 

*Place green peppers, onions, and a container of vinegar, on the table - for optional flavors, to be served on top of the greens. Greens are very delicious, when these products, are added to them, on the plate.


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